Mike Leavy

M-Leavy-The Arrival 2From an early age in the beautiful west of England I was aware I could draw (2/6 prize in a Brooke Bond competition involving copying a picture of tea leaves) and loved art (The Laughing Cavalier, Blue Boy, The Hay Wain...).  But I only recently discovered that I could be a practitioner as well as an observer of the visual arts.

After many years in information management, I am now enjoying the focus, immediacy and personalization of full time painting in acrylics and oils. My interest and skill in painting people and places, both exotic and plebeian, has been nurtured through classes with David Goatley, Nicholas Pearce, Brian Simons, James Gordaneer, Victor Arcega and others. Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn, David Curtis and Robert Genn are a continuing source of inspiration.

My muse has been helped by residing on Vancouver Island, where I am a member of the Goward House Portrait Painters Group and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


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