Sharon Stone

stoneBorn in Nova Scotia as a member of a military family, Sharon moved frequently. She continued this pattern in her adult life, traveling over half the globe as well as on adventures such as crossing the South Atlantic Ocean as one of a crew of four on a 52 foot sailboat.

Sharon started painting seriously in 2007, after taking early retirement, painting colourful landscapes and waterscapes using acrylics. Water, with its varying movement, temperature and reflective qualities, is a predominant theme in her paintings.

Painters in Ontario and British Columbia have contributed to her art education. "Colour is important to me. My love of colour started at an early age, when my mother, a talented seamstress, made dresses and coats for myself and my sister. I remember very clearly the colours of my favorites – delicious lavenders, blues, pinks and yellows. Another equally strong influence on my painting has been nature itself, particularly water."


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