Angela Montanti

angelaAngela received her Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, majoring in Ceramics and Painting. Her first 15 years after graduating was devoted to works in clay. It was here she first became interested in portraiture. Presently and for the last three years she has dedicated her time revisiting portraits but this time with paint.

"I love the use of colour in Van Gogh's work. I love the way Freud exaggerates a persons facial character through the use of thick and expressive brush movement. Both these artists inspire me to create portraits composed of uninhibited and vibrant colour by the use of the ever constant movement of the brush. Historically speaking portraits have always been a great part of art history. They provide a window into the past providing a story for the viewer while freezing time itself. To me the history of Portraits has become societies' landscape. They provide me with a challenge to capture the essence of my subject with the artistry of paint."