Iris Nardini

altGrowing up in a family of musicians, theatre actors, writers and artists, I was immersed into the fine arts from early childhood. Having spent my formative years in Europe, I fell in love with Northern Renaissance Art and grew to appreciate wood and marble carvings by the Great Masters. 

After spending many years as a painter, I returned to the three dimensional art form, working in clay and bronze. As a figurative sculptor, my true aspiration lies in capturing movement beyond physical form. I strive to push compositional boundaries, while maintaining movement and fluidity through space. Each piece exemplifies a moment of voyeurism, in which the viewer may become affected and enthralled. These moments can be expressive, in turmoil, flawed or beautiful, but all hope to be a celebration of the human soul.
"What is true greatness in a Masterpiece is that which is timeless. Great art will stay individual, unique and everlasting."