Alexandra Hunter

A HunterPrimarily self-taught, mixed-media artist Alexandra Hunter is an active member of the artist community in Victoria, BC. In 2010, a Coast Collective Gallery Juror’s Choice Award and a 2nd place finish at Victoria Emerging Art Awards established Alexandra as a leading emerging artist.

Alexandra is currently represented by Victoria Emerging Art Gallery.

Finding inspiration in minerals, ceramic glazes, metals and semi-precious stones, there's something about the elements that moves me, particularly earth and water. The concept of this latest series was birthed in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Surrounded by boulders, red earth, turquoise and sunbaked sky, I wanted to capture the light, texture and feel of a landscape that was at once rock and sea, equal and opposite sides of a coin. I wanted to paint the peace and the mystery beyond the everyday, there for the looking. I wanted to paint such a world.