Ingrid Fawcett

PeonyPainting slows me down. Like so many of us, my life is busy and sometimes hectic. My painting time is a meditative and joyful space in a busy and complicated world. When I paint, I flow between the conscious and the unconscious. Sometimes my brushstrokes are intentional and focused; at other times I enter a meditative flow; I am the painting, the painting is me. Each painting has its own story, and as I take the time to get to know it, to feel its heart, the images call out to me, the painting speaks, and a poem unfolds.

I paint only images and subjects that excite me. There is an obsession in my work to find an energized moment, magnify it larger than life in both size and colour, then hold that energy so that it invites us deep into its heart. People who see my art say it glows with positive energy; I invite you to share that energy, one painting at a time.


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