Judy Mclaren


A graduate of the University of Toronto in 1973 and of the Ontario College of Art in 1978, I have painted primarily in oils in the figurative tradition for the last thirty years. After working as a museum artist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto for several years, I moved to the Vancouver Island and found work illustrating children’s books, painting portraits and showing my paintings at local galleries. Recently, along with portrait commissions, I have been focusing on sea and landscapes and still life. Most of my small and many of my larger works are painted directly from life.
At times, my painting style is characterized by energetic, directional brushwork, big, bold compositions and expressive use of colour where the sculptural qualities of the subject are emphasized. At other times, light is paramount and my style becomes careful and studied. This is not only reflective of my mood at the time but of my emotional response to the subject. I consider myself a perfectionist, constantly evolving and growing as an artist and never content to repeat a successful formula.