Dawn Joy Ritchie

FraidyCat wBorn in Glasgow, Scotland, Dawn Joy is a self-taught artist who began painting from her imagination nine years ago specializing in cave art and whimsical animals. 

"I love to create whimsical innovative characters with vibrant colour, childlike simplicity, abstract form, and dimensional texture. I never thought I could draw until one day in the year 2001, I decided to attempt drawing by closing my eyes and sketching a cat from my imagination. I opened my eyes and it was magic. I had something I could work with if I erased parts and connected the dots. Soon an abundance of animal critters and characters were springing to life from my imagination. My entire life, I had been searching for a meaningful way to create and I finally discovered it. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I could become an artist and every day I feel so grateful for this gift."