Darlene Young

poppy dance.w150h150Victoria Artist Darlene Young paints colorful scenes from every day life. She is most excited about color and light effects and is often seen painting outdoors no matter the weather.  Although she does studio work, including alla prima still-lifes and larger studio works, Darlene's true passion is plein air painting. She loves the challenge of the ever changing natural conditions and she can be found most days plein aire painting around James Bay.

Darlene's studies include Master's Classes at the Victoria College of Art, as well as studying the methods of other artists.

Darlene is honored to be a member of the Victoria Sketch Club and appreciates the mentorship she receives from its very accomplished artists. She has also been painting and exhibiting with the Al Frescoes Plein Air Painters of Victoria for the past two years. She is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


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