Will Millar

Will MillarMy love of painting started when I was 10 in Northern Ireland. Money was scarce in those days and when my mother won a large box of watercolours at an annual Fair I spent a lot of time painting on everything I could find- including my mother’s only tablecloth!

The Ireland that I grew up in has changed so much and I return every year with a kind of longing for the past. I wander the streets of my old town remembering all the scenes and characters that were part of my life. So nowadays I try to capture those memories on canvas with oil paints. I daydream, and out come scenes of my Grannies country kitchen and her old friends, gossiping over a few ‘cups of Tay’ with that old ‘Brown Betty” tea pot always ready to pour. I can feel the heat from the fire and taste the new bread with creamery butter. I can almost hear their laughter as some old ‘yarn’ is shared. 


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