Elfrida Schragen

Elfrida SchragenP1080403 - CopyCurrently Elfrida's medium is oil painting, but her art career includes 8 years working exclusively as a clay sculptor, and 5 years as a pastel artist. Born into an artistic family where colour, design and focus were constant subjects of note, Elfrida took up creating seriously after her retirement as a special educator, 12 years ago,

Elfrida's technique stems from a dedicated desire to capture reality as she sees it. Gleaning skills from the internet, a few workshops, art galleries, interaction with other artists and some substantial magazines, she continues to explore a variety of approaches.

Currently living in both the United States and Canada, In Delray Beach, Florida, she is a member of the Delray Community of The Arts ( the Old School House) and the Palm Beach Plein Air Painters. In Victoria, Canada, she is active in the Al Frescoes, a Plein Air group, the Goward House portrait drop in group, and the Coast Collective in Metchosin. The Coast Collective has been a source of support through providing venues for shows and sales for five years.

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