Nirmala Greenwell


Nirmala GreenwellBorn in Trinidad, West Indies, Nirmala attended primary and secondary schools there and upon graduation, received recognition and an award for outstanding work in art.

At University of British Columbia, she earned a double-major degree in English Literature and Fine Arts (honours) with a focus on Indian, Chinese and Japanese art. She was fortunate to have had instructors Tony Onley and B.C. Binning among many others who inspired and taught the history of art, design fundamentals, and techniques of the old masters.

She has taught art, geography, Spanish and English in Trinidad and in BC.

The dancing interplay of light and shadow captivates her interest and imagination and is a source of joy and inspiration for her watercolour and acrylic paintings which depict a variety of subject matter.

Her paintings adorn many walls in Trinidad, Barbados, Canada, U.S. U.K. and Japan.

Nirmala resides in Victoria with her family and devotes an increasing portion of her time to her art.