Nancy Slaght

N-Slaght2013-09-19 12.02.26

Nancy Slaght, Victoria artist and teacher, ponders the next leap of her imagination in search of the metaphor.

“I love portraying, in a still life painting, two aspects of life that exist in a fleeting moment capturing movement in freeze-framed images that seem to hesitate just long enough for the viewer to share the moment.” Muse comes from her walks along the waterfront, music and ballroom dancing. Inspiration results in fanciful or odd notions of pairings for her paintings. She has had a lenghty love affair with soft pastels and more recently has been adding exploration into new materials.
Nancy is an exhibiting artist with Winchester Galleries, Victoria and is represented by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria arts and rentals. Her work is held in private collections in Japan, Europe and throughout North America.


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